FREE MW3 Challenge Lobbies

FREE MW3 Challenge Lobbies

FREE MW3 Challenge Lobbies

Status: Online


-When you join my lobby, you will receive 20th prestige and all challenges unlocked.  We host lobbies daily on PSN, Xbox 360, and PC.

How to get in?

- Our Xbox Mod team will be hosting these lobbies daily on xbox, PSN, and PC daily until the hack gets patched or detected.  We have been using our own private mod for a few months now and it is still working and yet to get patched.

Step 1

- Download a text file below containing a key

Step 2

- Message us the key that was contained in this format to our email (

Key: (Secret Key here)
System: (PC/Xbox/PSN)
Name: (GT/PSN)

Step 3

- Wait 1-2 hours for one of the members of our team to invite you.  We have about modding members 10 in our team and we strive to be as quick as possible.

Step 4

- Once you have joined the lobby, start killing people and you will notice that you are leveling up after one kill and challenges will be unlocked.


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